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Delicious Food Prepared With Love

Satisfy your cravings for Southern dishes by ordering food at Taste Budsz (Flavor Counts). We cater to customers throughout Illinois.

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Comfort Food Made Just for You

Satisfy your cravings for homecooked meals by trying out our food at Taste Budsz (Flavor Counts). Our owner has extensive industry experience of over 15 years, so you can be assured that each item on our menu is prepared and cooked with love and care. We cater to customers throughout Illinois and are planning on shipping to all 50 states soon.

We are committed to giving back to the less fortunate by donating to two charities. Order our meals today and help us provide for people who are in need. 

About the Owner

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, she always enjoyed watching her relatives cook large meals for family gatherings and special occasions. Her grandfather and other relatives were from the South, namely Georgia and Louisiana. They taught her how to smother food and use all the basic techniques in cooking a meal.

As she got older, she developed her own creative style of cooking and baking delicious desserts. She even sold her pound cakes to Gladys Luncheonette years ago.

Cooking with a little Creole Southern hospitality twist has always been her first love!

“Mwen renmen nou tout” (Love you all in Creole!)

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